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Nobody can deny that an online presence and savvy digital marketing have become increasingly important, but the customer generally needs more than one touchpoint to be driven to Google your name. If you can spark their interest with an eyecatching creative, a clear, resonating message, and a call to action, you are on your way to a sale. Combining door drops with your other marketing activity is a sure fire way to build awareness, and turn this into action.

One way to ensure you catch their eye and attention is with an interesting, shaped door drop. Here at Peter Scott Printers we have specialist die cutting in house, and can produce many many different shapes to fit with your clever creative and message. Why be square? You can see from this picture how a different shape with a relevant message, can turn your ordinary flyer into something that’s really going to make your customer smile.

Door drops can be delivered to just a few streets at a time, or you could blanket every household in the country. Audience targeting is sophisticated now, which really helps improve the impact and response rate of door drop leaflet campaigns. They’re proving to stand out from the crowd when it comes to getting attention. Your customer will pick them up, read them and often keep them for future reference, for that purchase that’s currently just in the back of their mind.

Joanne Hindley, Managing Director said: “We’ve seen some really interesting versions of door drops come through our presses, and our clients are reporting real results. Everyone might be watching Netflix these days, but you can even include your own TV ad right there on your door drop, accessible by QR code. Everything ties together, it’s great to see marketing evolve like this!”

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